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Strong demand. Positive client feedback. Right at the start. Successfully introduce your new service — business venture using your Engineering process to Design, Field Test and Release it to the market.

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Introducing a new service or starting a new business venture is similar to designing a product — you can satisfy your clients (driving stronger sales), get higher quality results, meet your budget and schedule, reduce risk, and end up with a better outcome by using a consistent process.

For a new service or business to experience strong demand, positive client feedback, and profitable results, four key factors should be part of its introduction to the market. Messer Strategies will collaborate with you to ensure these critical success factors are included in the release plan for your service or venture. We will also work with you to extend your Engineering process so that future offerings are developed using a consistent method which includes the key factors.


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Before recommending any services, Messer Strategies will meet with you to discuss your situation and understand your goals. The following example illustrates how our services propel you toward your objectives. This example assumes the initial meeting has already taken place.

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A client plans to offer a brand new service to customers, and wants to ensure it is successfully introduced into the market. Messer Strategies recommends the creation of a New Service Introduction Plan to determine the best approach for launching the service, and Tactical Marketing services to assist the client in writing and publishing materials needed to support the launch — such as website and social media content, marketing emails, proposal materials, and sales sheets.


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