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Win More Projects with a Proven Process. Nail the Projects. Use Results to Attract New Business. Repeat.

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Win a larger share of available projects using your firm’s core strengths as a focal point for your proposal process


Uncover new projects that have not even gone out for bid yet. Use aggressive technology research and skill development in your core area to fuel client interest


Successfully expand into new, growing areas — and satisfy your engineers’ craving for cool new technologies — using a reliable market entry method


engineering services information Example of How Our Services Help Your Business

Before recommending any services, Messer Strategies will meet with you to discuss your situation and understand your goals. The following example illustrates how our services propel you toward your objectives. This example assumes the initial meeting has already taken place.

Grow It

Client’s goal is to book more projects that match the engineering skills of their firm. Messer Strategies recommends our Core Competency Assessment, Ideal Project Definition, Competitive Analysis, and New Opportunity Development services. The first two services will identify the firm’s strengths and characterize the types of projects that require those strengths, which will increase the client’s likelihood of winning projects.

The New Opportunity Development service will examine new, growing market areas and produce a report recommending avenues by which the client could successfully enter those areas. The Competitive Analysis service will assess the client’s competitors in the new and existing market areas, show how the client firm compares, and indicate competitor weaknesses which represent opportunities for the client.


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