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Secure Funds for your new service or expansion. Build a business case that gets financial decision makers to say “Yes.”

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When you get in front of internal or external financial decision makers who can provide you with funding for your new service or business expansion, you may only have one chance to present a case compelling enough to move them to the next step in the funding process. Messer Strategies can collaborate with you to ensure you are prepared with the information they will be looking for, in the appropriate format, and that you have answers prepared for any questions they may ask.

We can work with you on the entire business case or just the piece you need — such as selecting a format, creating a marketing plan or developing the financials.


What are typical questions engineering firms have about business plans and funding?


engineering services information Example of How Our Services Help Your Business

Before recommending any services, Messer Strategies will meet with you to discuss your situation and understand your goals. The following example illustrates how our services propel you toward your objectives. This example assumes the initial meeting has already taken place.

Fund It

Client plans to meet with financial decision makers to present a plan for expanding their services into a new market. The client wants to be sure they have the necessary materials to secure the funding for the expansion. Messer Strategies recommends our Business Plan Development service, which involves collaborating with the client to generate any materials needed to ensure they can present a solid business case which will justify the funding.


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