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Generate a steady flow of projects that match your firm’s engineering skills with a well-defined, repeatable formula

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Win more jobs that closely match your firm’s engineering skills — and leverage those jobs into continuing business — using your core strengths as a foundation.


Get clients out of the “lowest price wins” mindset. Capture business at your desired price with a clear display of your unique qualifications and what those skills do for your clients.


Increase your firm’s profitability using a five point review to isolate and address profit killers in critical areas of your business.


Hit your schedule and budget targets. Start the next project on time. Repeat. Tighten 7 key areas to get into an ideal project cycle and stay there.


engineering services information Example of How Our Services Help Your Business

Before recommending any services, Messer Strategies will meet with you to discuss your situation and understand your goals. The following example illustrates how our services propel you toward your objectives. This example assumes the initial meeting has already taken place.

Fix It

Client has sufficient business volume, but their projects are not profitable. They need to find the problem and correct it to increase their profitability. Messer Strategies recommends our Financial Impact Analysis service to identify areas in the project process that are adversely impacting company financials.


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