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Increase your profit and growth by adjusting components of your Electronic Engineering Firm

Messer Strategies is a professional company that uses its rare blend of expertise in marketing, technology, and finance to provide specialized business services to electronic engineering firms. These services are tailored to help your firm meet specific objectives — for example, to win more projects that match your engineering skills, secure funds for new services or expansions, or resolve problems impacting growth or profitability.




Increasing your profitability will yield more funds to invest wherever needed, and winning more projects that fit your skills will facilitate project success and boost repeat business. Our goal is to work with your firm to engage in a positive, self-sustaining business cycle — by helping you start it, fix it, grow it or fund it in key areas of your business.



Start It • Fix It • Grow It • Fund It

Working with Messer Strategies will yield vital data to aid you in reaching your business goals. For example, through the collaboration process you can find the root cause of low profit margins or insufficient sales volume, or formulate an entry strategy for launching services into new or existing markets. The specific data you obtain depends on whether you are starting a business, resolving issues in your existing firm, planning an expansion or seeking funding.

What questions or challenges are impacting the forward progress of your engineering business?

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Fix It

Grow It

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