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Ellen Messer CEO and FounderThroughout her 25 years in the engineering services and telecommunications markets as a product manager and marketing professional, Ellen Messer has thrived on the intellectual challenge of working with engineers. She has developed a profound respect for their integrity, work ethic, and professionalism.

Ellen began working with engineering companies in 2001, doing individual marketing and business development projects. The scope of the projects expanded over time as clients requested assistance in other areas such as analyzing project profitability, writing business plans, and improving project requirements definition.

In 2012 Ellen founded Messer Strategies, a professional company that provides specialized business services to electronic engineering firms. As CEO, Ellen applies her technical master’s degree, undergraduate degree in Marketing, and decade of experience in business finance to assist you in reaching your goals.

One of the key functions Messer Strategies performs is translating information and objectives between the technical, marketing, and financial aspects of your engineering business to ensure these three elements are tightly integrated — which is essential to business success. Examples:

This vital translation function is the foundation for the services we offer to support your company — whether your goal is to start a new division, address issues hindering your business, expand your client base, or secure funding.


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